100% real Daft Punk documentary 2k14

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Miaz Brothers

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Flor Minor


The edge of summer, Andrea Colombo



Steve McQueen and his then wife Neile Adams in 1963. Photos by John Dominis for Life Magazine

Ron Mueck hyperrealism


Michael Wolf, Real Fake Art.

Between 2005 and 2007, Michael Wolf photographed painters in Shenzhen, China, who reproduced famous works of art. Each portrait consisted of a “copy artist” along with an example of a copied work. The settings were described as “dirty alleyways and street corners.” One reviewer wrote that the pictures “document intimate cultural and economic facets of globalization even as they record and complicate critical dilemmas about authenticity and the non-economic values of art.” The series was collected in his book Real Fake Art published in 2011.


Gerhard Richter


Six new works by Brad Downey at Public Art in Horsens, Denmark
This time I’m sharing my shots of six new clever and conceptual works by Brad Downey, which he has created at the Public Art event in Horsens in the end of June. 

In a few days I’ll bring you a bunch of shots of new major works by Escif and Pøbel, so there’s much more to come…

(Photo © Henrik Haven)


61 photos of the December 21st 2010 Lunar eclipse, taken in 2 minutes intervals. [source/single image]

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Aleksandr Rodchenko 1891-1956

One more year with art from Warhol, RIP.

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